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- our tips history pages
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III. ANALYSIS (step by step)

- Step 1. select COUNTRY / COMPETITION

- Step 2. select LEAGUE

- Step 3. select SEASON

- Now you can choose half time or full time tables for actual teams positions on the table

- Step 4. select (click on) TEAM FOR ANALYSING

- Step 5. click on Analyze team button or Get prediction button or Head to head button

- Analyze team - analyze reports for the selected team

IV. GET PREDICTION (step by step)

- Step 1. select COUNTRIES for HOME and AWAY teams

- Step 2. select HOME and AWAY teams

- Step 3. select mathematical METHOD for prediction

- Step 4. select CONDITIONS initial for prediction and CLICK on NEXT button

- Step 5. choose and click on AVAILABLE SEASONS for predict

- Step 6. OPTIONALLY choose home field advantage and bench streinght value, or just click FINISH button

- Step 7. That's all. Your prediction is READY. Click on back button if you want to make new prediction with different parameters.

V. Head to Head (step by step)

- Step 1. select COUNTRIES, FIRST and SECOND teams. Click on COMPARE button and comparing of the selected teams is ready.

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